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Care In The Home

Nestor Healthcare understands that looking for a care and support in the home for yourself or for someone you care for can be a source of real anxiety and concern often at a time when you or your loved one may not be in the best of health for a number of reasons. We therefore recognise the importance of getting things right from the start.

Nestor has over 60 years experience and we have established ourselves through our local branch network as a provider of care in the home that offers consistently high quality and reliable care tailored to people’s own needs.

How does it work?

Working with you, we will agree a plan of care that supports you to live as independently as possible, maintaining your choice of how and when you receive your care, offering you control over how choose to live your life and the care and support you receive. Your dignity and privacy will be respected at all times by our teams of locally recruited, managed and monitored staff.

Our rigorous recruitment processes and pre-employment screening which includes enhanced Police Checks on everyone you will come into contact with from Nestor, offers you peace of mind that the care and support you receive will be delivered by a team selected for their skill, reliability, professionalism and integrity.

We strongly believe that on going training and the supervision of all Nestor Healthcare staff is key to consistently providing high quality services and giving you peace of mind that you will receive the care that you or your loved one are looking for.

Our Services

Nestor Healthcare offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs such as:

  • Companionship
  • Practical help with housework, shopping or laundry
  • Support with personal care such as having a wash, getting dressed getting up in the morning or going to bed at night
  • Preparing a meal or snack
  • Support with taking medication
  • Live In Care
  • Respite Care
  • Help to visit the Doctors, hospital appointments or even when you just need to go to the hairdressers
  • Support with more complex health needs working with the health professional involved in your care

We offer a 24 hour service, every day of the year including weekends and bank holidays. You will have the reassurance that you can contact our well trained care co-ordinators at any time.

Whether your care is funded by yourself, through a Local Authority, PCT, Direct payment or Personal Budget we can develop a package of care and support that is right for you.

For more information, please click on our branch locator to find your nearest branch.


Children & Families


Our children's services are designed to ensure that the needs of every child are catered for. Particular attention is paid to ensure that all members of the child's extended network, such as educational and housing services are included in the design for children's services. We are able to provide valuable support to children who may themselves have learning or physical disabilities. Alternatively we provide services for children in situations where a parent or primary carer has social care needs, such as alcohol or drug dependency issues.

Learning Disabilities

Our specialist services seek to provide increased independence and enable the best possible quality of life for people of all ages with learning disabilities. By using the extensive experience and knowledge in our social care businesses we are able to address the needs of a wide range of people. Our training and education teams ensure that the social care workers are suitably prepared and trained to support individuals. Many individuals with severe and complex communication needs, sensory loss and challenging behaviors are supported and enabled by our specialist care workers to make choices for themselves.

Physicial Disabilities

Our dedicated services provide a range of options to people that may have extensive demands due to their physical incapacity. Some of the most effective services are those that support a person in a simple and practical way. These services also engender a sense of satisfaction for the social care workers involved in providing high quality services. We are able to relieve the pressures on care networks and the informal support groups as well as providing support and enablement for the service users.

Mental Health

Our mental health services are specifically designed to meet the needs of service users who may have long-standing or transient mental health problems, including people subject to guardianship and supervision orders under the Mental Health Act.

Hospital Discharge

We provide Hospital Discharge services which prevent unnecessary admissions to hospitals and to residential and nursing homes. We provide 24-hour, seven days a week support from care workers who are specially trained to deal with crisis home care situations; which could include night calls, personal care and practical services such as shopping in emergency situations.

Live-In Care

We provide a comprehensive care solution that solves common existing problems encountered by care users as their needs change and as the care needs in the UK as a whole continue to grow. Care is delivered to the highest possible standard. With recruitment, training and administration demands supported by a dedicated team in the group, this means care teams are able to concentrate solely on providing excellent home care delivery.


The objective of our rehabilitation service is to prevent hospital or residential admission, to improve and support our service user’s general well being, to assist our service user’s to learn and acquire new skills necessary for daily living. Our objective being that we maximise our service user’s long-term independence and choice hence increasing quality of life. Our principle of care with enablement is to help our service user’s ‘to do’ rather than ‘do for them’.

To ensure we help and support you reach your personal objectives as set by Health Care Professionals, we ensure that enablement is occurring by continually assessing and reassessing your care plan, independence is encouraged at all times, examples of some of the enablement support we provide are:

  • Personal care, washing dressing, continence promotion
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Cooking, preparing meals and helping to eat
  • Building Confidence
  • Shopping, pension collection, laundry and other household tasks
  • Coping with poor memory
  • Social and leisure activities
  • Indoor and outdoor mobility

End Of Life

Illness can be frightening and worrying at any point in your life. If you or someone you are caring for has been told that their illness is life limiting and you or they may not get better – Nestor Healthcare can help you. Our teams of specially trained care staff can support you and your family at home, in your own surroundings. We can work alongside any Health professionals if required to provide safe, reliable, high quality care in your chosen place.

Our branch network covers a large proportion of England, Scotland and Wales from Scottish Islands to the major towns and cities and our staff are recruited from the local area to ensure they understand the needs of the communities they are working in.