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Quality Assurance

Our Commitment

Nestor is committed to delivering safe, reliable high quality flexible care and support for the people who use our services ensuring we get things right first time, every time. All our branches comply with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Care Standards Inspection Wales (CSIW) and the Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care (SCRC) and the teams work hard to exceed these standards.

We work to achieve a quality service by:

  • Ensuring the people we care for receive a quality service at all times meeting and exceeding their expectations
  • Striving to meet and exceed the regulations required of the Group as set by Care Standards
  • Listening, investigating, reporting and learning from the feedback that you and those involved in your care give us

We achieve this by:

  • Having clear policies and processes across the organisation and ensuring our people are aware of, and follow them
  • Recruiting the best clinicians, care workers support teams available to meet the needs of the people who use our services
  • Continually training our staff and clinicians to meet and exceed the needs of the people using our services
  • Learning from our experiences to continually improve our services

We are able to measure the effectiveness of our quality by:

  • Carrying out regular audits across the Group and changing processes and procedures where necessary
  • Embracing any recommendations from Care Standards to improve our services
  • Carrying out independent and objective customer surveys to monitor views about the services we provide to the people we care for and making changes where necessary
  • Recognising and rewarding our staff for excellence and commitment in increasing the standards of care they provide